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Go Go Machine Orchestra was established in 2017 in Kaohsiung, Taiwan. The artists who create the group’s hypnotic collage of music and sound are Ni-Li Tang (piano), Pin-Hsin Wang (synthesizer), Shu-Yan Wu (guitar) and Ting-Chun Yeh (percussion).

The group takes elements from many different musical styles (minimalism, electronica, slowcore, percussion-based music) and creates a sound that could be compared to a sight seeing tour: much like each stop along the way provides different scenery, each composition provides a completely different aural landscape. By the journey’s end the listener’s senses have been profoundly affected.


Each band member studied and perfected their musical craft at various international locales (Paris, New York, Chicago, Tokyo), and after returning to Taiwan formed Go Go Machine Orchestra. They have performed at major music festivals and music industry events all over Taiwan, and now they will embark on their first European tour, with North American and Asian tours to follow. The group is eagerly anticipating the opportunity to share their music with a global audience.

Go Go Machine Orchestra 來自台灣,成立於2017年,是音樂與聲音藝術家包含鋼琴、打擊樂器、吉他、電子噪音與模組合成器所組成,音樂特色以極微主義為中心並融合多樣音樂元素之排列,解構與建構。目前團員為吳書延 (電吉他)、湯妮莉 (鋼琴)、王品心 (模組合成器)、葉庭均(打擊)。


2019發行第一張專輯「Time」,先後入圍第九屆金音獎最佳現場演奏獎與第十屆金音獎最佳跨屆音樂專輯與最佳現場演奏獎,並於「Asia Rolling Music Festival」中演示了影像合成器與極簡搖滾的音樂之間的完美結合。同年受邀到法國,荷蘭,波蘭演出,為雷恩音樂節史上第一個演出,也是第一個受邀至美國知名電台 KEXP 錄製 live session 的台灣樂團。


2021 JUN. 03

Live Stream

Primavera Pro Live Show

2021 JAN. 22


KMFA REOPEN 光雕音樂會􏰔􏰕􏰑􏰒􏰖

2020 DEC. 13 

Taipei Legacy

Simple Life 簡單生活節




Jun 28 , 2019



在當今多元的音樂與畫面影響下,我們堅持著對音樂藝術的可能性。抱持著開放的價值、實驗著跨領域的創造性。 再次感謝瘋狂的掌舵者Bigi Yang楊佩綺,視覺藝術科學家山影藝術實驗所、時光機能量發射器FunDesign Studio 侑蘴設計,與很多外星舞蹈家長弓舞蹈劇場 Chang Dance Theater一同演出。


我們彼此創作、融合 、發展著。



Organizer:VOGUE Taiwan

Show Director:Bigi Yang楊佩綺 / Lighting design:FunDesign Studio 侑蘴設計 / Visual : 山影藝術實驗所 / Music : Go Go Machine Orchestra / Dance:長弓舞蹈劇場 Chang Dance Theater 



簡國彥 Bob Jian / 李維錚  W Jenn Lee / 謝怡君  Sabrina Hsieh / 柯瑋倫 Allen Kao / 簡君嫄  C Jean / 謝宇農 Wooleex / 陳冠百 陳敏芬 Story wear / 申子芹 Salvson / 初衣食午 / JW ANDERSON | DOUBLET | UNDERCOVER

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團長        湯妮莉
聯絡        0938-818929
信箱         gogomachineorchy@gmail.com

Director   Ni-Li Tang
Mobile     +886-938818929
Mail       gogomachineorchy@gmail.com